Big Sean, Drake and Kanye West Are A “Blessing” (New Music)

Jan - 30 2015 | no comments | By

sean complex

After going Number 1 on the Billboard chart with his hit ‘IDFWU’ (which Sean finally reveals that his ex Naya Rivera inspired it ), and covering the 2015 Feb/March issue of Complex Magazine, Big Sean realizes his ‘Blessing’. Originally, a ‘Blessings’ leaked online with Drake but it wasn’t the final version. Being a ‘Blessing’ to his fans, Sean dropped another version which features Drake and Kanye West.

Check out the UI premiere of Big Sean’s ‘Blessings’ featuring Drizzy and Yeezus, after the jump!

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Watch: The Dream “That’s My Sh*t” feat. T.I. (Video)

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dream thats my shit

The Dream kicks off 2015 really looking like The Hamburgerlar, as he releases his new video for his single “That’s My Sh*t” with T.I.

Peep his new video, after the jump!

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Benzino Arrested In Atlanta Airport

Jan - 28 2015 | no comments | By

zino IG

Benzino isn’t necessarily having the best week ever. After trying to go through a security checkpoint last night leaving Atlanta, the former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ reality star was arrested.

Be Informed with details, after the jump!

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Migos Dragged On Instagram After Posting Donation Check

Jan - 28 2015 | 2 comments | By

migos atl

Everyday you hear or see about entertainers giving back to their communities via schools they attended or charities that they have a connection too. In some cases, celebrities giveaway money for tax purposes (let’s be real).

Yesterday, Migos and their Quality Control Music label decided to give back to Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta. After the group posted their $1000 donation check on their Instagram account, IG users held no mercy. The “Versace” were dragged for being cheap.

Be Informed with some of the comments left on their Instagram page, after the jump!

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August Alsina Creeping With Who?????

Jan - 27 2015 | 1 comment | By

aalsina mirror pic

As of yet, we have never seen August Alsina claim anyone. There has been many to claim that they have been with him (and of course we can’t forget the one who said he “split it“) but he has definitely dodged that bullet by hitting the matrix.

After yesterday some pictures of Aug kickin’ with a young actress has many eyebrows wondering if this could be the chick that could make him an honest man…..or at least off the market.

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