Fabolous Speaks On Relationship With Emily B (Love & Hip Hop)

Apr - 26 2011 | 3 comments

If you’ve been keeping up with Vh1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’, Fabolous’ babymama, Emily B is on the show. Throughout the show, she always talks about how Fabolous won’t claim (walk the red carpet, etc) her. She said that she doesn’t want to let him go because she is hoping that things will turn around. Well, after seeing this video of Fab speaking on Emily last month, it seems that he knows exactly his role in their “parental” relationship.

AllHipHop caught up with Fabolous, and this is what he had to say about his babymama, Emily B:

There you have it Emily! The proof is in the pudding. Now maybe since March, he has changed his mind on how he feels about her. Who knows? It seems as though all Fab wants is to have a good parental relationship, and then if he hit it, then so be it. Watching last nights episode, it seems like Emily is trying to make Fab look bad. Remember the scene when they are they photoshoot, and she calls Fab because their son is acting up, and he doesn’t answer. She said something similar to “we’re supposed to be a family…blah blah”. Like, your a parent as well. She should be able to handle that when daddy isn’t around. She should watch what she says because what I’m sure she don’t want is a Dwight Howard/Royce situation where she is hit with a gag order.

Props to @brwneye_gurl for the video.

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