Word On the Curb: Timbaland & Wife Monique Headed For Divorce???

Dec - 26 2011 | no comments

Well damn! Is anyone staying married anymore?

‘Get Informed’ with details about the alleged end of Timbaland’s marriage to Monique, after the jump!

via Tattle Tailzz

I guess some guys are blinded by looks and sex..Timbaland didn’t do his research first on his Jersey girl. I’m not sure what caused all the trouble, but according to several sources Monique always kept an apartment in Atlanta that Timbaland was unaware of (yikes). Timbaland was crushed when he found out his wife also dated Jermaine (JD) Dupri back in the day…. also the fact that his jewelry was missing when “sources claim that one of her family members had something to do with the misplaced jewelry and then sold it in Detroit” (not verified rumor alert). I can’t say I feel too bad for Tim, If I can recall I believe he left someone at the alter years ago? So what comes around goes around……..These two do have a daughter together so for her well being I hope all things work out ok.

Let’s keep our eyes on this one. You know where there is smoke, there’s fire! Whatever it is, I pray they can work it out.

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