T.I. & Tiny Welcoming A New Baby???

Jan - 31 2012 | no comments

If you watched last night’s episode of ‘The Family Hustle’ with TI & Tiny, this won’t be a suprise to you, but if you missed it, I got your back.

It is no secret that between the two of them, Tip and Tiny have alot of kids. If you watch the show, you see that he does his best to help raise each and every one of them. Well, after watching a snippet of what’s too come next week, he may have one more mouth to feed.

From the preview, it hinted that Tiny may have one in the oven.

TattleTailzz also reported that “Tiny was spotted in Phipps Plaza about 2 weeks ago and from what my sources saw, she indeed looked pregnant and her security guard was right there every step of the way. It seemed as if she was trying to hide the fact that she was pregnant. I guess she wanted to wait until this episode airs.”

If she is pregnant, that would be her 5th child and his 7th.

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