Mary J Blige Speaks On Divorce Rumors, Boot Fetish, & Sobriety On Wendy Williams (VIDEO)

Feb - 02 2012 | no comments

Today, Mary J Blige was a guest on The Wendy Williams Show. Having a background in Radio, Wendy was no stranger to Mary J Blige. Actually, during the interview you can tell that MJB is very comfortable with Wendy from them speaking about a dinner date with their husband and MJB knocking over the liquor. Mary was very candid on the rumors concerning her marriage problems, struggling with liquor, and if there is kids in the future. One of the most interesting segments of the interview was when Mary shared that she is friends with Tamar Braxton (a HUGE surprise), and Taraji P. Henson.

Mary J Blige also performed her hits ‘Mr Wrong’ and ‘The Living Proof’, on the show. ‘Get Informed’ with her performances and interview, after the jump!

Other parts of the interview included Mary speaking on her relationship now with Missy Elliott and Lil Kim:

“I haven’t seen them in years….i haven’t hung out w/ them in a very long time….I’m close w/ Taraji [Taraji P. Henson]. Tamar [Braxton], I just love her. She’s so smart and she’s got a beautiful heart. She’s really a cool person.

Does she still enjoy hitting the club and her boot festish:

“Yeah, me and my girls! Some good jeans and some boots.”

“[Boots]I can’t even count them…I love boots; it’s comfortable, it’s almost like a sneaker.”

Turning 41:

“40′s, is everything…everything I ever wanted…there’s no confusion all the time. It’s a beautiful thing. You’re all for the positive; you don’t have time for the BS anymore.”

Mr. Wrong

The Living Proof

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