Shock Jocks ‘John & Ken’ Disrespect Whitney Houston, “Crack Ho” (Audio)

Feb - 16 2012 | 91 comments

The Jon & Ken Show on KFI-AM Radio-640 are just completely OUT OF ORDER. From what I understand about Jon & Ken is that they are “Shock Jocks”. While the world is trying to look past the negativity that plagued Whitney Houston’s life while she was alive, Jon & Ken wants to keep the momentum going. They simply won’t allow the woman to ‘Rest In Peace’.

During a recent break during their show, they called Whitney all types of “crack ho’s and even made jokes about it taking this long to die. RUDE!

I guess Jon & Ken got what they wanted, some attention! Who the F&ck are they anyway? I have NEVER heard of them! Their comments were definitely insensitive and uncalled for.

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