Karrueche To Rihanna & Chris Brown, “You Reap What You Sow”

Feb - 23 2012 | no comments

Karrueche Tran has made my day! Regardless of what is going on with Chris Brown and Rihanna, she is riding that train.

How does Karrueche feel about the reunion between Chris & RiRi? Is Rihanna talking about ‘Birthday Cake’ remix? Well, it seems that Karrueche is definitely feeling some type of way about their hook-ups. Get the details, after the jump!

Peep the last couple of Tweets that Karruece Tran sent out since the debut of ‘Birthday Cake’.

I guess someone is not too pleased with the fact, that their man is getting it in with their ex. After Chris Brown expresses on “Birthday Cake” how he wants to basically smash Rihanna and lick her icing I can bet Carne Asada is feeling some kind of way.

Not only did he blatantly disrespect his current flame, but Rihanna basically threw major shade and referenced to herself being “SWEETER THAN A RICE CAKE” She threw major asian shade at Karrueche. Poor girl.. You might as well hang it up boo, he basically treated you to your last vacation on valentines day and pretty much professed that he still lusts after Rihanna… So sad. Sources say she is taking meds to mend her bruised heart, she is distraught by everything and didn’t see it coming.. I am pretty sure more tea will drop.. Stay tuned. (TT)

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