World Premiere: The Urban Informer Interviews Brandy (FULL Video)

Jul - 20 2012 | 8 comments

Alot of folks keep saying “Brandy is back”, but if you think about it….Where has she been? Yea, she hasn’t released any new albums but she has been staying busy in front of the camera (Family Business, Drop Dead Diva, The Game, Youtube Videso), finishing up a Tyler Perry movie and more. Basically, she has been busy preparing for a new release for her stars. Set for a October release, Brandy is putting the finishing touches on her album, Two Eleven. While she traveled to headline 93.9 WKYS R&B Live with Q Parker, I had a chance to go one-on-one with the R&B star. I wasn’t too sure if the interview was going to happen since I leaked the information about her ‘Put It Down’ single, but she re-assured that I didn’t do anything wrong. She was very open about her boo Ryan, the upcoming album, her role in the new Tyler Perry movie, her legacy, and remembering Whitney Houston.

Check out the FULL interview, after the jump!

Part 2

Special thanks to Brandy, RCA Records (Geo Bivens, Samantha Selolwane, Damon Lott, Akil Taffe), my Urban Informer staff, The Stars, and YOU for checking out my interview with Brandy!

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