Wendy Williams Nude Pics Hit The Net……

Nov - 29 2012 | 1 comment



Remember when I told you that Wendy Williams was taking it all off for PETA? Well, the picture for her “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ campaign has hit the net.

Check out Wendy as she gets stripped down for PETA, after the jump!

Doesn’t she look good? Photoshop did a HELL of a job!

Not only has Wendy Williams stripped down for PETA, she is also helping out with a winter coat drive. She is asking fur coat owners to donate them to PETA so they can be given to the homeless. PETA is assiting shelters in Wendy’s homestate by giving the coats to them. There is a huge number of families homeless after super-storm Sandy.

Sexy? People are using that word wayyyy too freely

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