Omarion’s Nude Picture Leaks….Or Did It?

Jan - 30 2013 | no comments


As of last night, Omarion is getting more attention than he has ever gotten since dis-banding with B2K back in the day. I would count the day they announced he signed to MMG, but that didn’t get too much positive light on MMG’s behalf. No slight to Omarion at all. It was just that everyone was wondering why a Press Conference was held. I actually think Omarion is a good balance to MMG. Not to mention, the dude can sing.

Appearantly, Omarion’s nude picture has taken a leak! Or did it?

Get Informed with the details, after the jump!

Check the alleged nude picture of Omarion. Too bad, the photo is fake because here is the real picture that was photo-shopped.

Apparaently, someone has way too much time on their hand.

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