In Memory Of Smash aka T-Mac

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Yesterday, Baltimore lost another soldier! Some called him Smash. Some called T-Mac. Family and close friends just knew him as Terrell or simply, Rell. GOD called the Baltimore rapper home yesterday. When death occurs, we always ask why? We may never know why GOD does some things, but we just have to understand that he needed him more.


Whether you knew him personally or not, when you heard his song on the radio or heard him speak, it was a distinctive deep sound that you could never forget. While Smash’s body may be gone, his music and his spirit lives on forever. Smash passion for music was incredible. His love for people that loved him and supported him was undeniable.

Who knew that his song with Crip, ‘A Bit Too Much For Me’, would be one of the BIGGEST Independent songs played on Baltimore radio? Smash went on to release a number of singles throughout his career-Gucci Bag Blues, My Dummy, Choppa On My Lap, I’m A Beast, Money, Rulers Back and a few mix tapes.

Smash, born Terrell Taylor, was found dead in his home on Friday around 530pm . Taylor, battled a heart condition his entire life, had succumb to congestive heart failure. He was 31. He is survived by his mother, Sharon Taylor, 3 kids, and a slew of family members and friends.

I had no idea that our last conversation would be the one we had just a month ago at The OpenFly party. He was telling me about his new music, was telling me how happy he was for me in my career moves, and that he was thankful for everything that he did. He told me “they’ don’t understand me…….He also told me don’t forget about him………and I never will. I promise!

R.I.P. Smash babbbeeeeee *T-Mac voice*


Before his untimely death, Smash and Mullyman had recorded ‘I’m All About It‘, and were going to shoot a video for it. Mully has released the song as a tribute for him.


This coming Wednesday February 27th, the Baltimore music community will hold a Vigil for Smash at City of Gods (1118 Hollins St Baltimore, MD 21223) from 6p-10p. Donations to the Taylor Family are welcomed. Contact Arnette Thomas-Fletcher via email or by sending donations to 8420 Governance Bradford Lane, Ellicott City MD 21043.


Funeral arrangements to be announced shortly!

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