NEW VIDEO: Chris Brown ft. Aaliyah “Don’t Think They Know”

Jun - 17 2013 | 8 comments

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Here is another track featuring unrealeased vocals from the late great Aaliyah. But this time I think fans will enjoy this one much more than than the track from Chris Brown’s rival Drake. Hit the flip to WATCH THE VIDEO now…

Late last year Drake released “Enough Said” a track featuring very rare vocals from Aaliyah. Critics tore the record up but I doubt Drake cared he simply did it because he is “overly obsessed” with Aaliyah. As if finally hearing Aaliyah’s voice on the radio in year wasn’t enough Chris Brown took it upon himself to challenge Drake’s song.

The track “Don’t Think They Know” is a Jon B lyric-esk infused sensual track that features an actual verse from Aaliyah. The video plays on the new movement that Chris Brown for unity. In the video Chris Brown brings LA bloods and crips together in peace && dances along with a holographic Aaliyah. Check it out below…… CAUTION: This video may give you chills.




Watch the video, here.

Chris Brown’s album “X” is set for release July 16th.

“Keeping You In The Know”

-Zana Ray

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