Evelyn Lozada Making A Return To Reality TV

Mar - 25 2015 | 3 comments

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Former Basketball Wives star/author, Evelyn Lozada, have been laying low since the birth of her son with her fiance‘ Carl Crawford but according to OWN and some Instagram post, she’s found a new “home”. That new…

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Tamar Braxton On ‘Braxton Family Values’, “This Will Be My Last Season”

Jun - 15 2014 | 2 comments



This upcoming season of ‘Braxton Family Values‘, there will be DRAMA. From the 30 sec trailer that was recently released, it will probably be the most dramatic of all 4 seasons. Could thins be Tamar’s last season filming ‘BFV’? Why is Towanda going off, almost injuring Mama Evelyn? Why is…

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UI Top Moments of 2012: #3 From ‘Eve & Ocho’ To Chad & Evelyn

Dec - 30 2012 | no comments

Long before the August 11th incident that changed everything, Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada were well on their way to making this list for all the right reasons. Their high-profile courtship seemed to capture the reality TV from the start: Evelyn’s…

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While Evelyn Tweffin’ With Ochocino’s Jump-Off, Chad’s Johnson Is Making Its Way Around The Net

Nov - 20 2012 | no comments

Even though Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson are divorced, these two seem to be unseperable. It’s like when you mention one, the other names is not too far from it. While Evelyn is always in a tweef with Chad…

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Evelyn Lozada Makes First Public Appearance Since Headbutting Incident

Aug - 26 2012 | no comments

For the very first time since filing for divorce from Chad Johnson after he was arrested and charged with domestic abuse when he headbutted her, Evelyn Lozada has made he first public appearance. Eve was spotted on the…

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